The importance of cooperation with companies supplying seasonal labor

10th June 2024

Labor supply companies encompass a broad range of institutions or individuals offering various labor market services, including recruiting expatriate workers, providing labor services, developing human resources, job localization, and organizing work. They facilitate the matching of specific employment offers and requests, serving as crucial intermediaries in the workforce ecosystem. Temporary employment agencies operate by employing workers who are then assigned to perform tasks at client companies. While there exists no direct employment relationship between the temporary worker and the hiring company, legal obligations may still apply, especially concerning health and safety regulations. Contracts between the recruitment company and the client typically span fixed terms. Fees are remitted by the recruitment company to firms providing seasonal workers, with the latter being responsible for wage disbursements.


The most important benefits you get when hiring temporary workers

If you are thinking about using temporary workers in your company, you may be curious about the benefits you will get from doing so. When properly integrated, temporary workers can significantly boost your business in many ways. Some of the important benefits of hiring temporary workers by seasonal labor companies include reducing recruitment costs, obtaining necessary assistance for short-term or one-time projects and covering temporary absences. Many companies partner with seasonal labor providers to simplify the process of hiring temporary workers.

Our article below will cover seven of the most important benefits you can get from hiring temporary workers. 

1- Reducing Recruitment Cost 

Opting for cost-effective solutions while strategically positioning your business for success is always advantageous. When recruiting new employees through human resource development companies, it's essential to consider the associated costs. However, hiring employees or temporary workers from labor distribution companies can offer financial benefits. Since temporary workers are employees of the labor hiring company, they manage the costs and administrative burdens, freeing your resources and time for core business activities.

While you will incur fees payable to the recruitment company, these are typically lower than the expenses involved in hiring employees directly. This not only saves money but also streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring efficient access to skilled manpower. By leveraging the services of labor distribution companies, you can achieve cost savings while efficiently meeting your workforce needs, thus positioning your business for sustainable growth and success.

2- Temporarily increase your headcount

For many expat recruitment companies, maintaining a lean headcount or reducing the number of current employees is a paramount priority. As highlighted earlier, each new employee introduces additional costs, which can impact the company's profitability. Therefore, leveraging temporary employees offers a valuable solution to bolster productivity while concurrently keeping permanent employee numbers in check. Temporary workers provide a crucial productivity boost without entailing ongoing costs. This flexibility allows companies to adjust their workforce dynamically as needed, aligning with the company's financial requirements. By utilizing temporary workers, companies can swiftly respond to fluctuations in demand, ensuring optimal resource utilization and operational efficiency. In essence, integrating temporary employees into the workforce offers a strategic advantage, enabling companies to manage costs effectively while maintaining productivity levels. This approach facilitates adaptability and agility, key factors in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape.

3- Faster Hiring Times

The hiring process can take up a significant portion of your time, ultimately increasing cost and time and reducing productivity. This is especially true if you do not have dedicated recruiters in your company and leave this task to department managers or supervisors. So working with an experienced labor recruitment company means you'll save time by not having to recruit, screen or interview potential employees.

4- Fill in temporary gaps

 Ensuring your company is prepared for temporary absences can help maintain stable productivity at work by collaborating with labor services companies. Temporary employees can be covered by human resources management companies for long periods of absence that may occur, such as maternity leave, disability, etc.

5- Risk Reduction

 Despite meticulous efforts by hiring managers to select the right candidates, occasional mismatches can occur, leading to unsuccessful hires. Such instances not only result in the loss of the new employee but also entail additional costs, time, and effort for replacement and development.

Engaging with seasonal staffing companies offers a solution by providing a track record of successful placements. These companies maintain comprehensive records, ensuring that their employees are well-suited to your company's needs. Instead of conducting multiple reference checks during the interview process, your contact at job organizing companies serves as a single, reliable reference. Moreover, to mitigate risk, certain labor recruitment and training companies may cover the costs associated with replacing a temporary employee if the arrangement proves unsatisfactory.

At the conclusion of a temporary worker's contract, you should possess sufficient information and work history to make an informed decision regarding permanent employment. Should you opt to hire a temporary worker permanently through labor needs analysis companies, it's important to note that a fee may be incurred, as most temporary workers are contracted to the job placement companies that employ them. This fee compensates the labor recruitment company for its services in facilitating the placement.

6- Access to highly qualified workers

Adding new employees through workforce development companies significantly impacts the time spent on recruiting and interviewing potential candidates. Despite the emergence of countless online outsourcing platforms, your active involvement in the recruitment process remains crucial. While these platforms may streamline certain aspects, such as initial screening, you'll still need to schedule and conduct interviews, as well as perform labor contracting company screenings, such as background and credit checks.


Partnering with labor recruitment and training companies to hire temporary employees offers numerous benefits, including access to highly qualified candidates. The advantages of tapping into these workers encompass:

1. Reducing the time required for the recruitment and interviewing process.

2. Cost savings associated with streamlined hiring procedures.

3. Decreased likelihood of failure with the selected employee.

4. Alignment with candidates who are compatible with your company culture and objectives.

By leveraging the expertise of workforce development companies, you can optimize your recruitment efforts, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process that aligns with your business needs and objectives.

7- Additional support for special projects

The size and scope of some of the projects your company needs to complete may require some additional resources such as labor services marketing companies. Meanwhile, once the project is completed, additional human resources are no longer necessary. Hiring a permanent employee for short-term needs is not time and cost-effective, which makes temporary workers an excellent fit in these situations. Temporary employees can fill the gaps needed to complete your projects quickly and effectively 


Are there any disadvantages to hiring temporary workers?

While temporary employees offer significant advantages, such as those discussed above, it's important to acknowledge potential drawbacks that may arise. These can include negative attitudes from permanent employees and challenges in communication with companies providing seasonal labor. However, proper planning and effective communication can mitigate these issues before they escalate.

Most problems can be preemptively addressed by providing advance notice and maintaining open lines of communication with seasonal labor providers. For instance, informing your employees about the number of temporary workers being added, the rationale behind the decision, and the expected duration of their employment can help alleviate any concerns or anxieties. Similarly, being transparent with the seasonal labor providers you engage with can help prevent misunderstandings.

Establishing clear expectations and fostering open communication with your staffing partner ensures that your company secures the right temporary employees through labor training companies, mitigating potential challenges and maximizing the benefits of temporary staffing.


Hire temporary employees the right way with Hamdan Global

Adding and leveraging temporary employees can provide a huge boost to your company when you partner with a migrant recruitment company like Hamdan Global. We have always supported companies with their human resources and recruitment needs. We provide our services to our customers by placing the right employees and workers in the right place and at the right time. Unlike some recruitment companies, we don't just provide recruitment services. Our full range of HR and recruitment services allows you to get everything you need in one place. Where our services include:

• External recruitment

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• Preparing payroll

• Outsourcing of manpower

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• Technical services

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